Sittin’ and Whittlin’

Ana and Marc have carvings of pigs and spoons all over their apartment. The pigs because Izu has some sort of famous local wild boar delicacy (as far as I gleaned from not really paying attention to anything anyone said ever.) And the spoons because Marc has taken up a fascination with woodworking and… I dunno… I guess woodcarvers like spoons or something? Again… just guesswork on my part. Pretty sure Ana made at least one of them.

photo 2 (typhoon outside, hence the hair.)

So I carved a tiny pig and spoon out of chunks of scrap wood he had chipped off of other projects.



Pig is about toonie-sized, which makes the spoon more like… a half-matchstick?

Not Sure what the deal with the little pan is, sortof looks hand-cast… I wonder if he’s got a forging fascination happening as well? Probably. Seems like the sort of lame thing he’d be into.





2 thoughts on “Sittin’ and Whittlin’

  1. That frying pan was actually bought in Tiny, Ontario. I found it in a weird little antiques shop earlier this year.
    The pig still sits proudly on our fridge.

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