Handmade stamp

In Japan they have this stamp thing they do. When you go to a tourist spot or a train station, and you look around a bit, you can usually find a little pedestal with a rubber stamp and inkpad on it. They’re super great. I found as many as I could while I was there.


I realized, I could probably hand-make a stamp. That’s probably a thing people do.

So I bought one of these.


It’s a gigantic 4×6 inch white vinyl eraser. (it actually is)

And some of these to carve it.

I really like this picture of Robert Oppenheimer jumping from Philippe Halsman’s jump book.
http://russelldavies.typepad.com/planning/2007/10/jump.html (incidentally if you ever see a copy of it and you want to get me a birthday present, you’d win the best friend ever prize.)

So I spent a couple hours in Photoshop tracing and I came up with this.

Then I printed that out, traced it onto onion paper, and then rubbed that kindergarten etching style onto my eraser block.

Trimmed it down

And started carving


Tried a test StampingIMG_2963

Tightened some stuff up.

And tried againIMG_2966

I dunno I think it’s pretty neat. The Vinyl’s a little too soft to hold the fine detail I’d like. I’ll try some lino next time or something. All in all pretty good for a first crack.




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