Stuff I Scraped off the Road this Summer (…or some of it anyway)

I wanted to get outside for the summer so I took a job with a highway maintenance company. I spent a couple months flagging (flipping a stop sign around) and Cold-pour crack sealing (making those little black lines all over the road.) I was supposed to transition into Hot-pour crack-sealing after that, and i did it a few times, but the bear cat (machine that heats up and squirts out the tar at 300+ degrees) was constantly breaking down and they had to find some make-work projects for us. So I mostly picked Mayweed (noxious weed that looks like pretty daisy flowers), cleaned the Ross Creek rest area (long-haul truckers are disgusting), and did road checks.

Road Checks were my favorite, all they involved was driving the 600 or so Kilometers of highway we were responsible for looking for busted signs, bent Guard rails, people in accidents, mayweed (ugh) and removing any debris from the road.
“Debris” I picked up included;
Blown Tires (mostly)
Chunks of Cars
Vents and entire awnings from RVs
Hunks of Plywood and 2x4s
Tarp straps (if you need 20 tarp straps, just drive 20 clicks and stop every time you see something skinny and black on the side of the road, they are absolutely everywhere)
Entire plastic shed that blew out of some dude’s truck.
My own safety gear that i dropped out the door on a previous check
Hideous artwork that is now hanging on Gabrielle’s father’s wall.
Garbage bags People lose in the ditch.
Boxes with entire family albums (wish i saved and scanned that. Dude i was with seemed to think it was better to just leave the box in the ditch in case they came back looking for it… then it rained)
Tool sets
Metal utility shelving unit
Oscillating Fan
many strange knickknacks that I couldn’t identify that must have fallen off of oilfield related vehicles.
Matching Boots and mismatching shoes
chain ratchet boomers

A guy I work with found an ipod, another guy found an entire NES system with the games and gun and everything, and another guy found the box from a pair of anatomically-correct life-sized lady legs… we put that in a co-worker’s truck.

and… roadkill.

And then I joined the paving crew and paved patches for 16 hours/day and 4 days off per month.
and then I got a different job.





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  1. Wild animals are one thing but cats and domestics are another. Could you take down the cat photos? These are pretty graphic and gross and came up on a search for a photography studio. If you untag them as carts, perhaps they won’t pop up.

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